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What is Olympus?

B2B2C Web Platform that consolidates the tourist plans of the Wholesale travel agencies, Receptive Agencies and Tour Operators, making them available to their Users in an easy, fast and innovative way.

Olympus Meta-Finder Olympus Meta-Finder
Customizable API Link Customizable API Link
Freelancers & Affiliates System Freelancers & Affiliates System

¡Thousands of white-label plans!

  • Upload your plans in White Label, so other travel agencies can access to your tourism products, and offer them to their clients.
  • Find tourist plans to incredible destinations. Operated by local agencies around the world, avoiding intermediaries, and offering differentiating products.
  • Real-time cruise prices!! With more than 12 cruise lines and 15.000 itineraries around the world. 

“Travel agencies are capable of creating unique experiences in any destination in the world!”

Carlos Arévalo, CEO, Markaribe Group 

Optimize the time of your travel agents!

  • Configure the White Label Meta-search engine on your website, so your clients can search for themselves the plans and destinations of their interest.
  • Customize your API search engine. Configure the visual identity of your agency and select the search results according to your preferences.

The best sales channel in tourism business are travel agencies,

Can you imagine that your tourism products can be sold through thousands of travel agencies throughout the world?”

Andrés Kerguelen, Director General Olympus

Increase your sales channels!

  • Innovative system where you can register Freelancers profiles: sellers who share commissions with your travel agency.
  • Freelancers have access to an OLYMPUS administrative panel and the API link to configure it on their social networks and web pages.
  • (Soon) Sale by Affiliate system. People who use social networks and have a website will be able to sell the platform's tourism products, and commission their sales.

“A business where everybody win, leads us to a global economic growth”

Carlos Arévalo, CEO, Markaribe Group

How does OLYMPUS work?

OLYMPUS consolidates all tourism plans in a gigantic database, showing them in an easy and fast way to its users

Upload Plans to the Platform

Wholesale travel agencies, receptive agencies and tour operators, upload their tourism products through the OLYMPUS administrative panels.

OLYMPUS Platform

OLYMPUS organizes the information of all travel agencies through a Meta-Finder of tourist plans. Creating a gigantic database of tourism products around the world.

Users and End Customer

Travel agents and freelancers will be able to search for tourism plans using the Olympus meta-Finder. The final client (tourist) can search for plans, only through the API search engine on the website of each travel agency.


As if that were not enough, in OLYMPUS you will find a module in the Meta-search engine, where you will find real-time cruise rates from more than 12 cruise lines around the world!

Select your destination, the cruise line, the ship, the month of travel, and other filters to give your client a quick and timely response!


What kind of travel agency are you?
Make your monthly payments, or receive a 30% discount for annual payment! ...

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Olympus Meta-Finder
Unlimited Plan Upload
Customizable API Link
Freelancers System

Travel Agency



Upload up to 5 tourist plans completely free. Travel agencies may have access to them and sell them to their clients. Trry it by free!


Monthly or Annual Payments, according to your preference.

Frequent questions

These are some questions that our users ask and that could help you make the best decision for your company.

How to generate income with OLYMPUS?
OLYMPUS is a platform that consolidates the tourism plans of other travel agencies. All the plans that are uploaded in OLYMPUS are commissionable plans. You sell the plans, and you commission for it. Also, you can configure your "Profit Margin" on the Net rates.
Does OLYMPUS sell the plans?
No, OLYMPUS consolidates the plans, but it is not the vendor. You will buy the plans directly from the travel agencies that operate them.
What is a White Label plan?
All travel agencies (retail or wholesale) must upload a Flyer and a Brochure without the logo or contact information of the agency that operates it. These documents only have information about the plan (itinerary, duration, cities, rates ...), but they do not have any information about the travel agency that owns the plan.
What is a retail travel agency?
They are travel agencies that sell directly to end customers (tourists), they can be receptive or emissive.
What is a Wholesale travel agency?
They are companies that develop tourism products both nationally and internationally. They only sell plans through retail travel agencies.
What is an Operator?
Companies in the tourism sector that operate plans or package unique plans. They can upload their plans to the platform, so the Travel Agencies can sell them to their clients.
What is a Freelancer?
They are "natural" people who sell tourist plans through the legality of a retail travel agency (hosting). The commission of the sale is usually divided with the hosting agency, under prior negotiation (Ex. 50-50).

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