About us


Carlos Arévalo

Mechanical Engineer with experience in projects.
CEO of the MARKARIBE travel agency, with more than 5 years of experience in the tourism sector.

Dreamer and visionary, tasked with positioning OLYMPUS in the world market.

Royer Mejía

Systems Engineer, with extensive experience in software development and programming.

His task is to materialize the dreams and ideas of the team on the platform.

Edgar De La Espriella

Final year engineering student with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology.

Responsible for providing technical support to travel agencies and organizing marketing and sales strategies.

Andrés Kerguelen

Industrial Engineer, with experience in projects.

In charge of making all OLYMPUS areas work with synergy.

External Advisory Team

Marco A. Yepes

BigData and Information Management

Carolina Lozano

Accounting and Finance

Janninch Beltrán

Graphic design and digital marketing

Karina Arévalo

Direction Freelancers

Our history

A bit of MARKARIBE history, and the birth of OLYMPUS!

On june of 2016, MARKARIBE opened its doors as an online travel agency (OTA), specialized in the Colombian Caribbean. Offering different plans, and developed by its team.

The work of positioning the company, and offering quality and safe tourist plans, has been a challenge that has taken a lot of work and hours in front of the computer, and many more hours, traveling throughout the Colombian Caribbean and inspecting destinations.

We are aware that a company that knows its product, and is close to it, can offer a better experience to its customers. 

In 2019, we launched PIA, our engineering proposal to the world, and in 2020 we created our creativity laboratory that seeks to support entrepreneurs, Markaribe Lab.


In August 2019, in an attempt to offer new destinations with MARKARIBE travel agency, many alliances were made with other travel agencies from different parts of the Colombia, also with wholesale agencies that offer international destinations and a number of interesting plans in the international market. .

the offers were too many, and likewise the amount of tourist plans that could be offered to our customers. For this reason, as a technological solution, the MARKARIBE technological team developed a platform that consolidate all the tourist plans of the providers, and thus be able to give a quick response to our agency's clients.

Given the success and good results of the platform, it was decided to develop a commercial technological product, and provide the service to all travel agencies in the world. In this way, OLYMPUS was born, as a solution of the need of many travel agencies.